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Deerhurst Resort

Bear Bay - Lake Muskoka
Commercial - Deerhurst

“As the Property Manager for the Deerhurst Resort, I have worked closely with James Pitropov and his staff at Lakeside Architecture Inc. for several years on various Deerhurst projects. The staff at Lakeside has provided detailed, personal client-oriented service with creative flair and good construction documentation and costing. Lakeside has worked closely with me to develop the following projects: Deerhurst Lodge and Meeting Rooms;  ESPN Sports Pavilion; Deerhurst Spa Renovation; and Deerhurst Sports Villas. On these projects, Lakeside met with me at my office and provided me with 3D design visualizations, sourced and priced alternatives, made changes as I requested, worked with me and Deerhurst’s consultants, prepared workings drawings and performed General Review during construction. The 3D visualization has helped us engage in an interactive design process that has included Deerhurst staff, the general contractor, our interior designer, the staff at Lakeside and James himself. Lakeside Architecture Inc. will be my Consultant on projects that require attention to design, detail and high quality presentations.”

Brian Staples, P.Eng

Property Manager

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