Cottage Cameras Normally I wouldn’t write a blog about cottage surveillance but I think it is an important topic that I broach with my clients – especially before a new build or addition. On my last commission, my clients had people wandering around their property taking pictures and being curious about the cottage once owned by a famous painter.   Also, on my last four builds, nosy neighbours wandered the property and even climbed scaffolding to peak inside the new build.  There was even a neighbour dispute a few years ago where a neighbour fell on site and then tried to blame the workers.  We had it on camera and resolved the issue with the neighbour. It isn’t a very cottagey subject, as cottages are places where we relax and enjoy nature and our neighbours but my suggesting is to install a camera on site – especially when you are building – is just good advice.  Unfortunately you need to catch sight of not only nosy neighbours but those that are also in need of building supplies.  Cottage lots are busy places when they are in full swing but very vulnerable on weekends and late nights to theft and trespass. As always, Cottage Life has a great articles on cameras and they even reduce insurance too!  Please take a look here: