Last weekend, I completed four days at the Cottage Life Show.  It is a great venue for architects and designers.  We get to showcase our work and have instant access to thousands of potential clients.  I speak to several hundred people over the course of the show.  I learn a great deal about what my clients are looking for and what they expect from the design to build process.  I have attended both the fall and spring show for over 10 years.  I have met my best clients at the show and they continue to be good friends and colleagues. Despite the success of Cottage Life, I am one of only a few architects that attend the Show.  It always amazes me that there are not more residential architects meeting and greeting clients and explaining the design process and what architects can offer those of you dreaming, planning or constructing your dream retreat.  Your second home, the one where you spend the most and best quality time with your family the one where memories are made – is best entrusted to an experienced and licensed architect.  It is the architect with its training and experience who can bring your vision to life. Below I have outlined a few of the advantages of hiring an architect and I truly believe in these advantages and have seen first hand how my involvement or that of my colleagues has made a truly superior design that takes full advantage of the site and incorporates all your needs and desires into your cottage.  A few of the advantages of hiring an architect are outlined below:

  1. Understanding your Vision.

An Architect will explore a homeowner’s lifestyle and use of their current house, and draw up design plans that address both the owner’s desires, needs as well as the structural requirements of the design.

  1. Better design.

Architects can deliver a more interesting and creative design, with a better relationship to the site, and a superior functional floor plan.

  1. Avoid Design Errors.

Architects are professional trained to identify and avoid design issues.  Errors in plan design are often encountered when using designs from plan books, prefab companies or working with inexperienced designers.

  1. Creative Problem Solving.

Architects are educated and trained to find the right strategies and materials to make the project cost effective according to your budget, while designing the best space for your site.

  1. Cost Savings.

Having a professional prepare detailed drawings significantly reduces design mistakes and reduces any changes required at the constructions stage.

  1. Profitable Investment.

Well-designed homes have a greater resale value – period.

  1. Knowledge of Materials and Finishes.

An Architect’s knowledge of wide range of materials enables them to recommend the congruous materials for your project, based on budget requirements, proportions, and functionality of the space/room. Good designers can show you different materials options and have a good relationship with suppliers to get you the best price.

  1. Integrated Energy Efficiency.

Following the building, orientation, location and layout are good design practices and an Architect will definitely give your home the basics requirements for energy efficiency. This means optimizing the amount of natural light and heating from the sun and in turn you will save on electricity bills over time. 9. Negotiation with your Contractor. The architect can handle the tough aspects of contract negotiations on your behalf, allowing you to maintain a friendly, cooperative relationship with your contractor.

  1. Peace of Mind.

Building is a long process that is always intricate and troublesome, especially because you as the owner are already busy with your life. Hiring an Architect can benefit you by making sure that the design and building process are according to plan and are on time and on budget