I am an architect that focusses on lakeside home, cottages and boathouses.  I am a birder and fly fisher and the focus of my architecture practice is intentional.  I love being outside, I enjoy nature and the solitude and beauty that it brings.  I am also a cottager so I know the special places that cottages have in our lives.  

My Wife often says that the only childhood memories that she can really recall is her time at her parents Balmy Beach cottage.  So, I know that for many of us have very special cottages have in our lives.  I was introduced to cottaging at a later time by my wife’s Aunt and Uncle.  The “Clarkes” as I knew them then.  They had an architect design their cottage on the Moon River in Bala Ontario.  They are the only people in either side of the family to ever hire an architect.  Uncle Gord, as I grew to know him, gave me the drawings of the cottage while I was still in architecture school.   It was a beautiful cottage sitting high on the site on top of a giant limestone outcropping.  We spent many summers there and also our honeymoon.  We spent time exploring the back bay in their canoes and exploring Bala Ontario with family.  We never missed a Cranberry Festival.  

The Clarkes have sold their cottage now but it was my first real taste of cottaging with cottagers that loved their cottage and cottage life.  I miss that time very dearly.  It influenced me deeply though and as soon as we were able, my wife and I bought a cottage in Huntsville, Ontario.  When the opportunity came up, I bought the practice of retiring Huntsville architect Stewart Smith.  My practice gradual grew into custom cottages and boathouses and eventually the firm’s name and work grew to reflect that.

The fall Cottage Life Show is a time for many of us to start thinking about our new cottage plans and to think about all the new cottage projects that we are undertaking in 2023 (mine is a new deck and finished loft space).  

So please join me at the Cottage Life Show and visit me at my booth 1762 at Hall 2.  I would love to discuss your cottage plans for 2023 and help you to design your dream!  

The Show runs from November 11-13, 2022 at the International Centre in Mississauga.